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Intentional Agronomy that focuses on Stewardship and Financial Return for Southern Farming


You care about the food you eat --

We Do Too.

Legacy Agriculture exists to connect producers to biological based products and agronomic practices that help ensure the sustainability of family farms.

Legacy Agriculture is creating

A Future for Farming

As a 7th generation farmer, Jess started Legacy Agriculture with the 8th generation in mind. His plan is to ensure that his sons, and farmers across the country, are able to sow a future for their next generation.

Jess McNeil-founder-LegacyAg

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the best in Agriculture
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The last several years have been spent searching for alternatives that allow farmers to grow their financial margins within their operation.

Legacy Agriculture connects producers to a complete line of products, programs, and consultations. These elements help maximize the growth and development of the crops, and create create a sustainable future for family farming.